Four Worldviews: Institute for Cultural Evolution 

Traditional Worldview                                                          Modern Worldview

► strong religious orientation                                                                       ► materialist and secular orientation

► dominion over and stewardship of nature                                           ► exploit nature for human good

► importance of family and community                                                    ► relies on rationalism and science

► respect for authority and traditions                                                       ► promotes the self-made person

► values decency, sobriety, obedience, discipline                                  ► values freedom, individualism, success, comfort, fun

Postmodern Worldview                                                        Integrative Worldview

► acknowledges multiple perspectives on reality                                    ► tries to synthesize elements of the other worldviews

► sees truth as relative and contextual                                                      ► integrates science and religion, logic and imagination,

► supports multiple ways of knowing                                                               heart and mind,  humnity and nature, East and West

► promotes diversity and equality for all oppressed groups                ► views everything connected through universal spirit

► values uniqueness, creativity, authenticity, imagination                    ► values global awareness, open-mindedness, tolerance