If you choose to opt out of the 'Ethics and Ideology’ assignment, you must notify me by email no later than 6:00 PM on November 7th.

Assessment Folder

This page is intended to help students understand the work that you will need to submit, and to provide you with some understanding of the criteria and standards that I will use to assess and grade your work.


              Option        Original

           18%       15%      Active Engagement in the Learning Process                   Assessment

           23%       20%      Homework Briefs                                                             Assessment

           13%       10%      Explaining Ontology                                                        Assessment

           23%       20%      Epistemology Illustrations                                                Assessment

             0%       15%      Ethics and Ideology                                                           Assessment

           23%       20%      Worldview Group Presentation                                         Assessment


Calculating Your Grade