DL Active Engagement

In this course, students will be expected to develop and to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that are contained in the Learning Outcomes for the course. Those learning outcomes are provided in the course syllabus.

To facilitate your growth in these knowledge and skill areas, you will be provided with opportunities to participate in a variety of learning activities. These will include: reading of assigned materials; receiving lectures; viewing multimedia presentations; participating in pair, small group and whole class discussions, debates, and activities; conducting web-based research; working on longer-term group projects; writing papers; and planning and carrying out a political project.

Now, in order to meet the Learning Outcomes specified for this course, it will be necessary for you to actively engage in the learning opportunities that are provided. Active engagement is the very foundation for the learning goals that we have for this course. However, engagement is more than just a means to an end. In my judgment, “Active Engagement in the Learning Process” is also one very important indicator that students are acquiring the learning outcomes that have been established.  For this reason, your level or degree of engagement in the learning process will be considered as one of the “assessment deliverables” that will be used in determining your final grade in this course. The assessment of your engagement will consider a number of factors or criteria, including:

>  Regular and timely class attendance

>  Completion and submission of occasional ungraded assignments

>  Preparation for class

>  Active participation in class activities and discussions

>  Respectful interaction with other learners

The specific standards that will be used to grade this particular deliverable are provided in the Assessment Folder on this web site and through the link below

Most of the other assessment deliverables that you will produce in this course will be discrete products that will have specific due dates. However, it will be important for us to keep in mind that Active Engagement in the Learning Process is something that all of us will be expected to deliver on a continuous basis.