Epistemology Illustrations

Many of the “big issues” in our society are debated strenuously over many years, yet they remain unresolved. One reason for this is that people on different sides frequently think about and argue the issues within different epistemological frameworks. And, these epistemological differences make it difficult for the competing parties to address each others’ concerns or to reach a compromise. In this deliverable, you will demonstrate your understanding of alternative epistemologies by working with one of these big, unresolved issues.              

Human-caused Global Warming

Some people argue in support of, while others argue in opposition to, the claim that human behavior is causing a harmful increase in global temperatures. 

You are to locate on the internet three separate arguments that approach the issue from three different epistemological perspectives. It does not matter if the arguments support or refute the claim of human-caused global warming, but they must represent three different epistemological ways of justifying or supporting their positions. 

Then, for each of the three arguments:

  • cite the URL where the argument can be located on the internet;
  • write a summary of the argument, providing enough detail that a reader can discern the epistemology that was used in the argument; and,
  • explain which epistemology you think the argument demonstrates and why you think that.

Specifications of the Deliverable

1. You can prepare and submit this deliverable either alone or in pairs. If you work with a partner, both students must accept responsibility for the quality of the whole document, and you will receive one grade for this assignment.

2. The narrative should be no more than pages in length.

3. The text should be double-spaced.

4. A hardcopy of this deliverable will be due in class on Thursday, October 18th. 


The criteria and standards that will be used to assess and grade this deliverable are provided in the Assessment Folder on this course web site.