DL Worldview Project

In this deliverable, your team will select a social or cultural group whose way of seeing, understanding, and being in the world (worldview) is different from your own.  Based on the research you will conduct, your team will then prepare and deliver a 20-minute in-class presentation in which you will help the rest of us understand this group’s worldview.

Selecting a Group to Study

> Select a “living” group whose worldview is held by real people today.

> Choose a group whose worldview is different than those held by your group members.

> Select a group in which all of your team members have some degree of genuine interest.

> Take your time in considering the alternatives until consensus is reached.

> Consult with me before making your final decision.

Focus of Your Research and Presentation

To the people who hold a worldview, it is a holistic, cohesive, and perfectly sensible way of seeing and interpreting the world. Your challenge is to try to comprehend this worldview “from the point of view” of those who authentically share this way of seeing and being in the world, and to help the rest of the class to do the same. In this effort, I would ask you to focus your attention in the following areas:

A. Background and Context

~ Provide a very brief historical sketch for the group.

~ Map the place or places in the world where the group resides.

~ Show what members of the group look like.

~ Provide some demographic information on the group.

B. Key Beliefs and Practices that Comprise the Group’s Worldview

*  Ontological beliefs

*  Epistemological beliefs

*  Religious or spiritual beliefs

*  Ethical teachings

*  Core values

*  Social beliefs

*  Beliefs about the group’s relationship to the larger society.

*  Important rituals, ceremonies, practices

*  Other elements necessary to understand the group’s worldview

C. Cultural Patterns

  • Are there any cultural patterns that characterize the group and help to explain it?
  • Rural-agrarian or urban-industrial
  • Poverty or wealth
  • Low formal education or high formal education
  • War and instability or peace and stability
  • Minority status or majority status
  • History of being oppressed or oppressing others
  • Segregated from or integrated within the wider society
  • Other factors

D. Current Concerns, Issues, and Challenges

The world is in the process of widespread and rapid change, and all worldviews are faced with the challenges of advocating for, accepting, adapting to, incorporating, resisting, or rejecting these changes, or some combination of these responses. 

+++  How is your group dealing with these challenges? What are their concerns? What events or developments or pressures have their attention? How are they responding?

The In-class Presentation

Below are some guidelines to help you prepare for your group’s in-class presentation:

-- Your group will have 20 minutes for your presentation.

-- All group members should play a meaningful role in delivering your presentation.

-- Have the organization and flow of your presentation well planned in advance.

-- When speaking, make good eye contact with your audience. Try not to “read” from notes or from slides.

--Your presentation should employ multiple forms of media:

  • Oral lectures
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Visual images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Web sites
  • Charts, graphs, maps
  • Artifacts or objects

The group in-class presentations will take place on December 06 and December 11. The date and order of each group’s presentation will be determined by a lottery.