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Aug 28

Course Syllabus:

Assignment on 8-28, due on 8-30

Aug 30

An Introduction to Philosophy (PPT)

Exploring Philosophy

Assignment on 8-30, due on 9-04

Sep 04

I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala.

Ontology Exercise: The Categories of Reality

Assignment on 9-04, due on 9-06

Sep 06

An Overview of Ontology (PPT)

Philosophical Materialism

Philosophical Idealism

Philosophical Spiritualism

Assignment on 9-06, due on 9-11

Sep 11

Introduction to Epistemology (PPT)

Justifying Beliefs Exercise

Explaining Ontology Assignment

Assignment on 9-11, due on 9-13

Sep 13

Rationalism as a Way of Knowing (PPT)

Types of Reasoning

Three Proofs for the Existence of God

SAT Questions

Assignment on 9-13

Sep 18

Journey of Man (Video)

Assignment on 9-18, due on 9-20

Sep 20

An Overview of Empiricism (PPT)

Peopling of the World (Video)

David Eagleman on Sensory Perception

Assignment on 9-20

Sep 25

Religion Team Presentations

Spiritual Belief System Selector

Sam Harris: The End of Faith (Video)

Assignment on 9-25

Sep 27

Religion as a Way of Knowing (PPT)

Sam Harris: The End of Faith (Video)

Karen Armstrong: Religion is not about Believing or Knowing (Video)

Assignment on 9-27, due on 10-02

Oct 02

Spiritual/Mystic Practices as Ways of Knowing (PPT)

Inward Journeys: Forms and Patterns of College Student Spirituality 



Cosmic Energy

Thi Chi

Om Chanting

Whirling Dervishes

Assignment on 10-02, due on 10-04

Oct 04

Groups: Occult Practices as Ways of Knowing

Assignment on 10-04

Oct  09

Intuition and Emotional Knowledge (PPT)

How to Develop Intuition

“Consciousness is Everywhere

LifeForce Connection

Compassionate Guidance

HeartMath Institute

Epistemology on Display (Activity)

Assignment on 10-09

Oct 11

Epistemology on Display (Activity)

“Epistemology Illustrations”: A Graded Assignment

Introduction to Ethics (PPT)

Let’s Ask a Monkey

Assignment on 10-11, due on 10-16

Oct 16

Normative Ethics

Perspectives on Ethics (PPT)

Assignment on 10-16

Oct 18

Some Applied Ethics (PPT)

Ethical Dilemmas

Assignment on 10-18

Oct 23

An Ideology Primer (PPT)

Liberalism vs Conservatism

Political Issues Survey

The Political Compass Test

Assignment on 10-23

Oct 25

Values Underlying Political Ideologies (PPT)

The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives

Assignment on 10-25

Oct 30

No Class

Nov 01

Ethics and Ideology Graded Product

Introduction to the Worldview Project (PPT)

Worldview Teams & Topics

Assignment on 11-01

Nov 06

Worldview Teams, Topics, and Schedule

Western Worldview (PPT)

Western Values?

Assignment on 11-06, due on 11-08

Nov 08

Indigeneity: A Worldview (PPT)

Indigeneity: An Alternative Worldview (PDF)

Tapestry Institute: Ways of Knowing

Cape Breton University: Two-Eyed Seeing

Global Oneness Project

Assignment on 11-08, due on 11-13

Nov 13

Worldview Questionnaire

Four Worldviews: Institute for Cultural Evolution

Four Worldviews: A Summary

"A Thousand Suns": Global Oneness Project (Video)

A Thousand Suns: Analysis Questions

The Gamo Highlands of Ethiopia: Fact Sheet

Assignment on 11-13

Nov 15

Worldview Group Work Session

Nov 20

Fall Break

Nov 22

Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27

Exploring the Eastern Worldview (PPT)

Some Elements of an Eastern Worldview

China’s Worldview: Three Timeless Truths

Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Buddha

West and East: How Culture Influences What We See 

Assignment on 11-27, due on 11-29

Nov 29

Human Rights Primer (PPT)

“The Idea of Natural Rights: Origins and Persistence” 

UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights

Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam

Bangkok Delaration

Amnesty International 

Human Rights Campaign

US State Department Human Rights Annual Reports 

China's Reports on Human Rights in the US

Assignment on 11-29

Dec 04

Worldview Group Work Session

Dec 06

Group Presentations

  • Jainists
  • Santeria
  • Maori

Dec 11

Group Presentations

  • Amish
  • Mixtec
  • Roma
  • Hmong

Dec 13

Course Summary and Closure