HW 10-02

In our next class, we will spend time exploring the Paranormal realm and Occult practices as still more ‘Ways of Knowing’. To prepare for class, your assignment is to do some research on the occult or paranormal practice that you are assigned to in the chart below. 

At the beginning of our next class, team members will meet as a group to share their research findings, and to plan a 10 minute presentation to the class on their paranormal practice. The second half of the class will be devoted to those presentations.

Your individual research, and your group presentation, should focus on the following:

  • What is this paranormal or occult practice, and how does it work? What is the thing, the force, or the spiritual process that seems to make this practice work?
  • What kinds of ‘knowledge’ or ‘state of being’ does this practice give us access to that is beyond the reach of our more normal sensory expierence and analytical thinking?
  • What is known about how commonly or widely this practice is engaged in by people in our country and elsewhere?
  • Please share with the class any artifacts, visual images, videos, web sites, etc. that can help us to understand your subject matter.

While you will need to take notes on your research in order to be prepared to work with your group, you will not need to submit any written work in class. Rather, your participation in your group presentation will serve as evidence of your preparation for next class. Your participation in the group presentation will serve as the 9th Homework Brief of the term.