Assignment on 10-09

In our next class, we will begin exploring the branch of Philosophy known as ‘Ethics’. This field is concerned with morally right and wrong human behavior. To prepare for our unit on Ethics, I would ask you to do a little introspection. 

Please think about, and be prepared to discuss, the following questions:

 Do you think or feel that you have a responsibility for the welfare of other people? If so, which other people?

Is your approach to honesty always the same, or is it different when you are with your family, at the university, at work, or with your friends?

When you think about right and wrong behavior for yourself, what do you look to for answers or for guidance? 

This assignment is not a Homework Brief, and you will not submit any work in class.  However, you will be better prepared to participate in and contribute to class if you spend some time relflecting on these questions.

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