HW 10-18

In our class next week, we will be turning our attention to a branch of applied philosophy called “Ideology” as a framework for analyzing political issues and for locating where we and others stand on issues. To prepare for this discussion, I would like you to complete a “opinionnaire” that is designed to help you determine your own ideology. 

Complete the Political Compass test or survey that is linked below. It consists of six short pages of multiple-choice questions. After you have finished the questions on page six, click the "Now let's see where you stand". 

The Political Compass

Print the graph that shows where you stand on the Political Compass, and please bring the graph to class. It will look like the graph below, with a marker showing where you fall on the graph.

While you will need this personal information in class, this is not a Homework Brief and you will; not submit this graph in class.