Assignment on 11-01

It is often said that the “Western World” has been imposing its way of life on the rest of the global community for centuries. Indeed, today it is common to hear countries like China or Myanmar in Asia, Iran in the Middle East, Uganda in Africa, and even Cuba in the Americas complain vigorously about how the infusion and imposition of “western values” is threatening their cultural integrity and traditional ways of life.

In our next class, we will be examining the idea of the West as a worldview and as a way of life. To prepare for the class, I would ask you to conduct some independent research and thinking. 

In no more than 2 pages, prepare a written document that addresses these questions:

  • When the concept of “western values” is used, what are the particular values that are being referred to? 
  • What are some of the “western behaviors” that are likely to accompany or follow from the western values that you have noted?

You will submit this document in our next class, and it will be the 11th HWB of the term.