Assignment on 11-06

So far, in class we have explored the “Western Worldview”. In our next class, we will spend time looking at the “Indigenous Worldview” or Indigeneity. To prepare for this discussion, I would like you to do two things:

Reading: Please read the 14-page pdf article linked below

          “ Indigeneity, an Alternative Worldview: Four R’s (Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity, Redistribution) vs. Two P’s (Power and Profit)” 

Writing: In 1-2 pages, 

  • How would you broadly compare  the Indigenous worldview and the Western worldview?
  • Identify 8-10 specific value or behavior differences between these two worldviews.

You will submit this assignment in our next class, and it will serve as the 12th Homework Brief of the term.