HW 11-08

In our next class, we will try to explore the ‘worldviews’ that each of us was born into and raised within. This probably won’t be as easy as it sounds.

To prepare for this class, I’d like you to do a few things:

1. Below is a link to a 17-item questionnaire that is designed to help people understand their own worldview. Each item contains four statements, and you are to check the statements that ‘most’ and ‘least’ apply to you. As you will see, this requires careful thinking. 

Please complete this questionnaire (Take the test). Howeverrather than responding to these items for yourself, try to respond as you believe the adults who raised you would respond. Perhaps your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, whomever you feel best represents the worldview within which you were raised.

When you complete the questionnaire, have the web site summarize your results, and bring those results to class.

Worldview Questionnaire

2. The summary will tell you if your responses are most or least compatible with four worldviews: Traditional, Modern, Postmodern, or Integrative. Each of these worldviews is briefly described. Please read, copy, and bring these brief descriptions to class.

3. Based on completing the questionnaire, reading about the four worldview types, and your own thinking, prepare a 1-page written summary of the key or core components of the worldview that you were born into and raised within. And, remember, worldviews are a puzzle, even your own, so this page will need some thoughtful analysis and introspection.

I will collect this 1-page summary in our next class, and it will be the 13th Homework Brief of the term.