HW 11-27

Below are links to two separate ‘human rights statements’. Each of these discusses the rights to which humans are entitled, whether or not they are actually granted those rights.

The first statement was adopted by the members of the United Nations in 1948 following the atrocities that were committed during WWII. It has been signed by most countries in the world.

However, some Islamic countries were not comfortable with the UN’s version of human rights. So, in 1990, the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers adopted the second statement above to better express how human rights are thought about within the context of Islam. 

Please carefully read and consider both of these human rights statements. Then, in about 1-2 pages, 

  • explain how you would characterize the differences in how these documents think about human rights.
  • show how these two documents differ on three (3) specific rights to illustrate the differences between them.

I will collect this document in our next class, and it will be the 15th  (and LAST!!) Homework Brief of the term.

Also, You might wish to scan the web sites below of two organizations that monitor human rights globally, and report human rights violations:

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International