Assignment on 8-30

For our next class, I would like you to carefully read an exerpt from the book                  I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala. In this selection, Menchú describes the processes of child birth and child rearing in her rural Mayan Indian culture. In doing so, she reveals many insights into the philosophy that guides her community.

After reading this exerpt, you should prepare a 1-2 page written document that does the following:

  • Identify and briefy explain 4-5 things that appear to be significant within Rigoberta Menchú’s cultural community.
  • Among the 4 or 5 cultural values, beliefs, or practices that you have identified, indicate which of them are similar to your own beliefs and practices, and which are different from your way of thinking and living.

This document will be collected in our next class, and it will be the 2nd Homework Brief of the term.