HW 9-20

In our next class, we will begin looking at religions or spiritual groups as vehicles for acquiring knowledge and truth. To prepare for class, your assignment is to do some research on the religion or spiritual group that you are assigned to in the chart below. 

For your particular religious group, your research should focus on the following questions:

  • What are 4-5 core beliefs that the group holds that define it as a religious or spiritual group?
  • How does the group think about or relate to the spiritual or supernatural realm?
  • Does the group have any beliefs about what happens to people after death?
  • Does the group follow any ethical principles about how people should act or behave?
  • Does the group have any sacred texts or important writings that guide or direct it?

You should take notes on your research and bring those notes to class. However, you will not be expected to submit any written work in class. Rather, at the beginning of our next class, team members will meet as a group to share your research findings, and to plan an 10 minute presentation to the class on your religious group. The second half of the class will be devoted to those presentations.

Your group presentation will count as your Homework Brief, and it will be the 7th HWB of the term.

Good luck on your research.