HW 9-25

Getting Personal

What Role does ‘religion' play in your life?

In our next class, we will explore ‘religion’ as a way if knowing. To prepare for our discussion, I would ask you to give some serious thought to the role that religion plays in your personal life. In particular, please focus on the following questions:

🔶   Which organized religion, if any, are you a member of, either formally or informally?

🔶   How would you characterize the help or benefits that you get from your association with an organized religion?

🔶   Thinking about knowledge, are you able to identify things that you know or believe because of your association with your religion?

You will be asked to share your as much of your personal place on these questions as you are comfortable doing. However, you do not need to write anything for this assignment. This is not a Homework Brief. You will not be asked to submit any work. However, it is an assignment that you will need to do to get the maximum benefit from our next class.