Aug 28  Introductions and Course Overview 

Aug 30  A Primer on the Broad Field of Philosophy

Exploring Ontology

Sep 04  Trees, Emotions, and Ghosts: What Really Exists?   

Sep 06  Ontology: Some Ways of Thinking about What Is

Exploring Epistemology

Sep 11   What are Knowledge and Truth?

Sep 13   Rationalism: Reasoning Our Way to Knowledge

Sep 18  " Journey of Man": The Human Migration Story

Sep 20   Empiricism: Sensory Experience and Science

Sep 25   Varieties of Religious Experience

Sep 27   Religion and Faith as Ways of Knowing

Oct 02   The Many Forms of Spiritualism      

Oct 04   The Occult and Paranormal Reality

Oct 09   Intuition and Other Epistemic Tools

Exploring Ethics & Values

Oct 11   Ethics and Our Daily Lives

Oct 16   Flex Schedule

Oct 18   Some Alternative Frameworks for Thinking about Ethics

Oct 23   Defining the Left, the Right, and You

Oct 25   The Values Behind Political Rhetoric  

Oct 30   Flex Schedule

Exploring Worldviews 

Nov 01  Introduction to Worldviews

Nov 06  The Inexorable Forces of Westernization

Nov 08  Indigeneity: An Alternative Worldview

Nov 13  The World Through My Family’s Lens

Nov 15  Worldviews: Group Work Session

Nov 20  Fall Break

Nov 22  Thanksgiving Break

Nov 27  Elements of an Eastern Worldview

Nov 29  Western and Islamic Views of Human Rights

Dec 04  Worldviews: Group Work Session 

Dec 06  Worldview Group Presentations 1-4

Dec 11  Worldview Group Presentations 5-8

Dec 13  Summary  & Course Closure